Wheelchair Cushions


– The Terra foam cushion is shape-retentive and does not lose its shape – no matter who sits on it. It is also light and only weighs 820g.
– The anatomically shaped material distributes pressure, offering noticeable relief.
– The cushion dampens impacts very well. And it raises everyday comfort because it ensures a stable sitting position, free of stresses.


– The Aquos seat cushion is the ‘big brother’ of Terra: it offers the same unique qualities, but it also significantly reduces the shear forces through the use of LiquiCells®.
– These extremely thin cells are incorporated directly in the cover. This prevents not only rapid wear and tear, but also skin irritation and pressure points.
– In connection with the highly resilient foam, Ottobock offers a three-in-one solution for the most common problem areas: pressure relief, positioning and shear forces. Another plus is its low weight.


– The Terra Flair provides optimal, adjustable pressure redistribution in ischial zones, with shear reduction.
– The cushion provides excellent stability for activities and transfer.
– The user experiences an improved ride comfort with Rest Suspension Foam.
– The cushion also boasts a reverse tapered foam profile minimizing pressure differentials between the foam and ROHO insert.
– Additional Features of the cushion includes a water resistant, Dartex® outer cover that is washable at 104°F – 140° F, ring zip pull, and zip on three sides, for easy cover removal, additional inner incontinence barrier included as well as a ROHO® pump and repair kit included as standard.
– The Terra Flair is ideal for individuals with high risk of pressure ulcers. Users with poor sitting balance and prominent bony areas due to muscular atrophy. As well as for clients with discomfort or pain during mobility on uneven terrain or curb drops.


– Not only does the Cloud wheelchair cushion offer optimal seating comfort, it is also fully designed for individual adaptation to body contours.
– Cloud ensures that your always seated in a stable and medically correct position.
– The special feature of Cloud is the innovative combination of a unique seating surface and the Floam cell filling. This provides the highest possible level of relief for sensitive areas of your body.
– The seat area is divided into 16 cells which are arranged according to the contours of the body.
– The result: The largest possible area of your body makes contact with the cushion, and therefore pressure is distributed effectively. This provides relief for high-risk areas such as the ischial tuberosity and prevents pressure sores.


– Designed for the user who has moderate to severe positioning and pressure requirements
– The solution for asymmetrical postures
– Strategic contouring pads offer complete customisations on-the-spot for a perfect fit
– Gel-foam ischial evenly distributes pressure under the pelvis
– Dual layer cover reduces shear forces in sensitive areas, and breathable air-mesh on side of cushion counters moisture
– Coccyx channel for enhanced pressure relief (for sizes 16″ +)
– Inner incontinence cover included
– Customizable for many requirements such as leg length discrepancies


– Flex cushion implements a truly adaptable and easy approach for even the hardest-to-solve cushion requirements for users with complex postures.
– As its name describes, Flex has been designed to fulfil the postural requirements of wheelchair users who present with limited hip flexion.
– Up-to-date research shows that a considerable number of clients with cerebral palsy at GMFCS level V, present with asymmetric limited hip flexion.
– This condition must be ruled out or compensated as it has been linked to the development of other conditions like pelvic obliquity, trunk asymmetry, scoliosis, and windswept hip distortion (Ágústsson, A. et al, 2017).