Custom Foot Orthotics

What Are Custom Foot Orthotics

Custom foot orthoses are innersoles, or shoe inserts, molded specifically to an individual's foot form with added supports, wedging and cushioning to optimize foot function, aid in posture correction and accommodate foot deformities. Custom foot orthotics can address a wide range of posture and gait abnormalities by redistributing local pressure points to spread weight evenly over the entire foot and reduce impact loading on certain joints. By addressing gait alignment problems, custom foot orthoses can further relieve pain in the knee’s, hips and lower spine for individual's suffering from among other things osteo-arthritis and sciatica. Foot orthoses are always issued in a pair as to keep your body's symmetry intact and even out hip length, even though only one lower limb or foot may be causing you difficulties. You can move your foot orthotics from one shoe to another provided that your shoe's are similarly sized.

What Can Be Expected At A Foot Evaluation For Custom Foot Orthoses?

A gait and foot evaluation can take up to one hour in which a qualified Orthotist evaluates both your standing posture, gait cycle and foot pressure distribution with the use of a pressure plate system. The Orthotist will also take a look at your current footwear and evaluate how the surface area of your shoe sole is being walked off to better get an indication of your walking pattern and potentially guide you as to more appropriate footwear going forward. A follow-up appointment is needed where the designed foot orthotics are fitted in your footwear to determine the degree of correction that has been achieved or to make changes to the fit if necessary.

FAq's regarding custom foot orthotics

Much like a new pair of shoes, custom foot orthotics can take up to 4 weeks of continuous wearing until they feel walked-in under your foot surface. Start by wearing them for no more than two hours the first day, and increase wear time by one hour each day after that. There may also be some discomfort of other lower limb muscle groups that require some adjusting to the new posture correcting positions.

  1. Try not to get to them too wet (especially foam or cloth covered ones), wipe them down with a wet wipe and alcohol spray.
  2. If wetness occurs during walking remove from shoes immediately.
  3. If you are concerned that they have come in contact with water, pat them dry with a towel to remove surface moisture and leave them in a room with good ventilation.
  4. Lay orthotics flat to dry.

Custom foot orthotics will take up shoe space intended for your feet. In order to meet both function and comfort you'll need a roomier shoe; otherwise, the inserts can't function properly and your shoes won't fit right.

The short answer is yes, but on condition that the sandals have a removable insole that sits in a recess in the sole of the shoe. Of course flip-flops are not conducive to custom foot orthotics and are often the root cause of many painful ankle and foot conditions that require custom foot orthotics as treatment