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  • Designed for the individual who:
    • Has complex postural needs
    • Has significant spinal or trunk asymmetries
    • Has protruding skeletal prominences
    • Risks skin breakdown and has pressure care requirements
    • Requires greater immersion into back support for stability and comfort
    • Requires torso pain reduction


  • Expansion fabric cover that allows all kind of contouring without compromising skin protection
  • Comfortable pressure reducing foam surface layer to absorb bony prominences
  • Triple-layered cube contouring cell system provides configurations for a perfect fit and shape for the client
  • Customisation to contouring are performed on-the-spot, as many times as you want.
  • Created as the solution-solver for asymmetrical back postures
  • Modular componentry means you can ‘mix and match’ with different lateral pad options and positioning supports
  • Deep contour solution which offers exceptional contact to contoured areas of the body