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  • This moulded seat is indicated for the most severely affected patients who has been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy and Spina Bifida. 
  • The seat can accommodate severe spine, pelvic or hip disorders where problems are experienced with optimal positioning for comfort and safety.
  • The moulded seat is manufactured to the highest specifications, using the best quality materials available. 
  • The seat is foamed at a central fabrication directly onto a cast made by the technician using McLean Latex casting bags.
  • It is easy to manufacture and offers a greater range of seat angle adjustment while still offering the advantages of an accurately fitting seat with a high level of comfort and safety.
  • The cast for this moulded seat is made using the McLean Latex casting bags.
  • The seat can be supplied with a summer/winter spacer if required.


  • The 3 piece aluminium frame is generally used for treatment involving individual seat shells.
  • The Alu-light frame is custom made including hinges and fixation strap

Discovery Wheelbase:

  • The Discovery is a stable and adaptive wheelbase.

  • Even under high weight bearing load, you can easily handle the Discovery because the rotation point of the seat tilt has been placed very close to the front. 

  • Discovery has been proven to be open to different seating systems: the entire back can be adjusted to the seating shells, the angle of the back rest can be changed with a ratchet mechanism.

  • Various interface adapters and footrest designs round off this flexible concept.




Kimba Neo Buggy Base:

  • The adjustable suspension helps prevent spasms. Thanks to the suspension, the driving characteristics are smoother and the buggy is easier to steer, even on rough terrain