Gait Trainers for Children


– Kidwalk is a postural support device that helps children walk unaided without needing to use their hands for stability.
– It is the first on the market that is designed to move with the child, giving them the power and the freedom to explore, feel and learn on their own.
– Suitable for mild, moderate and complex users with lower limb motor function.
– A weight shift mechanism allows work on balance and motor development during therapy and a mid-wheel design encourages rotation of the upper body over the pelvis while turning.
– The small turning circle and ability to roll over carpet make it suitable for inside the home as well as the classroom, therapy room and outdoors.
– Larger soft touch knobs allow easy tightening of adjustable components
– The design of the height adjustment mechanism has been re-engineered for extra strength
– The anti-tippers have been redesigned to curve outwards for greater stability, especially for children with a wide gait pattern
– The materials used in the sway mechanism have been modified for improved durability for users with strong movement patterns


– Reverse walker for mild to moderate users
– Extremely maneuverable both indoors and outdoors.
– The product folds easily for transportation and storage.
– Enhanced safety of roll back wheel lock feature prevents frame from sliding away from the user if pushed backwards.
– Multi-positional arm supports provide excellent upper body support and give the user confidence and increased maneuverability.