Breast Prosthetics

Our Services

Our registered Prosthetist will address each individual’s personal needs to ensure that they receive the best possible breast form that offers shape, support and confidence. The products available to patient’s are breast forms and braziers of the highest quality that meet a wide range of needs.

What Can Be Expected At Your First Appointment

There are many different types of prostheses, from the lightweight foam and fibre-filled forms that can be used immediately after surgery, to the more life-like silicone prostheses that are generally used for everyday wear. A registered Prosthetist will help you to measure for the correct size breast form and brazier. On request a pre-fitment is done in order for the patient to get a feeling of the like-like properties of the products as well as their light weight.

Medical Aid Claims

Many medical aids do have benefits for breast prosthesis. If you want to claim from your available benefits a prescription from your specialist is needed. Every medical aid is different with regards to the available benefits and time lapse between initial prosthetic fitting and a new one, but on average a medical aid will grant a patient 1 breast form every two years.