KIMBA NEO Features: Rehabilitation buggy in 2 sizes for children aged from 1-10 years. Offers good postural care through a variety of adjustment possibilities. Maximum load capacity of

MCLEAN REHATECHNIK  CUSTOM MOULDED SEATING Features: This moulded seat is indicated for the most severely affected patients who has been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dy

VACUUM MATTRESS Features: The McLean vacuum mattress is Latex free. The mattress can be used to take a molded cast of the entire body for positioning systems.  &n

KIDWALK Features: Kidwalk is a postural support device that helps children walk unaided without needing to use their hands for stability. It is the first on the market that is des

ROBBY BATH AID Features: The bathing support can be adjusted to the individual requirements of the child.  Parents can set various seating and lying down positions using the continuous