LUMBO DIREXA, SOFT SPINAL BRACE     Indications: Moderate low back pain and sciatica Muscle imbalance of the lumbar trunk muscles Moderate degeneration

ARM SLING Indications: Soft tissue injuries Post-operative and post traumatic shoulder joint injuries Activated arthrosis Frozen Shoulder Acromioclavicular seperation Anterior

MANU NEUREXA PLUS Indications: Paretic or plegic wrist drop after Stroke Sequela of cervical disc herniation Injuries of the brachial plexus Peripheral nerve lesions of the arm

VOE ABDOMINAL BINDER Indications: Abdominal Hernia Post Caesarean compression Post-operative wound healing Features: Aerated elastic fabric Adjustable fastening with

REBOUND KNEE RANGER Indications: Stretched / ruptured ACL Stretched / ruptured PCL Stretched / ruptured collateral ligament Ligament and / or meniscus reconstruction Immobili

MALLEO TRISTEP Indications: Acute and chronic capsule-ligament instabilities, ligament insufficiencies and injuries of the upper and lower ankle, as well as severe distortions and anterior talofibular lig